Biggest and Baddest- AUSTRALIA- SALTIES

7:20 am in General Interest by peter

We’ve had an amazing  couple of first days in Northern Territory- setting up CROC TRAPS on a Cattle Station, where local ranchers have been having CROCS attacking their livestock.  We’ve setup some camera traps and hope to get a shot of a “Big one” in the cage…and then perhaps Niall McCann will help remove the giant beast from the trap.  We’ve met the best Crocodile experts in the world here today- and they’re steering Niall and the crew up to the Mary River home to the largest concentration of BIG SALTWATER CROCS.   Once there, Niall will work with a local team to capture a massive Croc, perhaps 4 or 5 meters long weighing over 500 or 600 kg and bringing it into the boat for satellite tagging. With shoots going on in the daytime and nightime- there will no doubt be some harrowing and spine-chilling experiences bringing one of these monsters in…stay tuned!