Biggest and Baddest- Australia- Saltwater Crocs

6:06 am in General Interest by peter

We’re in the final week of shooting in Australia, that started in Queensland with Cassowary Birds and ended up with the largest reptiles on earth- Saltwater Crocs in Northern Territory.  There are signs everywhere not to go anywhere near the water- you are pulled back if you are within 5  meters (15-17 ft) of the edge of the billabongs (forest pools), rivers, streams, etc…Big Crocs can leap out at amazing speeds and get you.  We’ve had a chance to have some pretty in-your-face encounters with them- including at a CROC farm where giant 4.5 meter crocs threw themselves at fences, breaking teeth to get to us…and recently out on the water on the Mary River: home to the greatest number of large Saltwater Crocs in the world.  Then the film crew’s boat got stuck on a sandbar…as the tide sucked the river waters back towards the sea and the we had to get out and walk through croc infested waters- what a crazy experience- very scary.   For this episode  Niall has been working with Charlie Manolis- leading Saltwater Croc scientist, in capturing big ones.  Final show for Season One will be in the can soon…editing will continue throughout the year:  stay tuned for episodes beginning to air at end of 2012- early 2013.