8:05 am in General Interest by peter

We’ve had an amazing time here in Australia…traveling from the dripping wet, misty rainforests of Northern Queensland in pursuit of the “world’s most dangerous bird”- the Cassowary and finishing up in Northern Territory- home to the largest reptile on earth, the Saltwater Crocodile…

Niall McCann joined scientist and croc capture expert Charlie Manolis on his survey of giant crocs on the Mary River- home to the largest concentration of big “Salties” in the world.   The river did not disappoint and Niall and the film crew had some all too close encounters with Big Crocs, who came out with increasing numbers as the “tidal” river sank, leaving us at times, high and dry on the sand bars and mud banks, with crocs all around.

So the Biggest and Baddest Season One has now wrapped and the crew went for a well-deserved night on the town in Darwin…maybe one of the “remotest” large cities in the world- located in Australia’s far north.

Post Production goes into full swing, and we are all extremely excited with the footage we have- much of it unique and always providing exciting edge of your seat action…Niall McCann goes where few would dare to tred…we’re all looking forward to Season Two! :-)
Director- Peter von Puttkamer