Hunt for Big Tigers and Wild Elephants in Nepal

10:47 am in General Interest by peter

Hunt for big tigers and wild elephants in Nepal is just an amazing experience – riding elephants though the jungle with tigers underfoot is a tense and sometimes scary experience. Beyond the challenges of filming off elephant  back- bathroom breaks take on a whole new urgency when you have to dismount in tiger country and use a nearby bush. These animals are powerful and can emerge just about anywhere – we have multiple cameras going to capture the whole experience. Then there’s the amazing adventure of finding the worlds largest and most ancient looking Asian elephant. Giant rhinos are aggressive and may emerge out of the bush anywhere – they will triple and bite you badly – we must  ever under estimate the 5000 to 7000 lb Asian rhinos- while  walking on narrow jungle trails enclosed in bushes.

Surprisingly cold at night – we are amazed these big exotic animals can function at 4 degrees c. Big pythons are also here and our star- explorer biologist Niall McCann will investigate up close !
That’s all for now!

– Peter