Post-Production Begins- Lost in the Amazon

8:19 pm in General Interest by peter

Ok, it’s a been a week now, since returning from Brazil.  Everyone on this journey had an amazing time: for a few weeks, we were a band of brothers -the film crew comprised of Brazilians, Canadians, Brits all working towards a common goal of solving the mystery of Col Fawcett: bouncing and careening over those remote dusty back roads, taking part in ancient Indian dance ceremonies,  fording rivers, building bridges, analyzing treasure maps, fighting off bees and stinging sand flies: even dodging tiny deadly snakes which draped themselves over the rocks at the sacred Bakairi waterfalls and swimming just downstream from giant 6ft electrical eels- each packing 700 volts or more;  confident we’d solved some mysteries and shed some new light on the Fawcett disappearance and on  the Lost City of Z – we briefly met up in Sao Paulo…before heading off on our respective planes: across Brazil, back to England and Canada.  It was a great ending, but bitter sweet too- as we’d all shared such a marvellous adventure together.  And at home- Sheera, my partner and wife did an incredible job of producing and production managing this whole trip, along with help from Sandy Beck and Barb von Kleist, without whom, none of this would have been possible!

We’re now loading up the many hours of tape from the field into our editing system…and it’s looking good!   One of the nicest things about returning back from the Amazon is – one week later, no more Malaria medication!  Malarone makes you drowsy, upset your gut not to mention stress out your liver…so always happy when that final day comes up and we put away the pill containers!

Now we delve into the archive collection of Fawcett family photos, secret texts and some amazing field tapes…a 2nd journey begins to create Lost in the Amazon, a global documentary about the life and legacy of Col. Percy Fawcett.