Lost in the Amazon- Lead up to PBS Airdate April 20, 2011

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Well it’s been a quick few months since returning from Brazil in Oct, 2010, to prepare the Lost in the Amazon (Col Percy Fawcett) Documentary for April 20th, 2011 PBS airdate in the US, with showings in Canada and England to follow.  With shoots in the UK: London, Devon, Wales; the US: Connecticut and Washington DC; and Brazil: Five States- this was an amazing film journey: part treasure hunt, part adventure travel expedition…and some pretty magical things happened for us along the way.  Please read the making of the Special- linked in the next blog!

We’ve finished a gorgeous looking High Definition Master Tape of the program which has been generating some great comments and reviews so far.  Niall McCann is going to be the next superstar adventure-travel wildlife host on TV and the work he did for us on this program was just spectacular. Please watch for him coming up on a major cable network- a series is in the works!

Of course, we couldn’t have put Lost in the Amazon together without the input of a lot of people: Sheera, my loving wife and producing partner, Sandy Beck and Barb von Kleist at Gryphon headquarters,   Cinematogapher Todd Southgate (currently in the Amazon again with James Cameron, trying to stop the giant Belo Monte Dam project from going ahead) did a fabulous job for us, as did Jon Ritchie on sound and my jungle “right hand man” Andy Dittrich came through as always with great assistance and photography.  Composer Michael Richard Plowman’s music is as always spectacular.  We had great input from Motion Picture Digital Matte Artists like Frank Belina- to create amazing-looking stylized-3d renderings of ancients cities in the jungle, based on the fabulous artwork of long-time supplier to Gryphon: graphic artist Jason Walton.  Plus of course the Post Facilities: Watershed Digital (with Jim Finn and Rob Appleby’s great participation) and Jean Turner and Randy Kiss at Pinewood Sound who as always produced a kick-ass 5.1 surround sound of the show.

Stay tuned for more press and exciting details about the show to come! See our promotional poster attached.

Promotional Poster for Lost in the Amazon